InfoTek Corporation Senior Reverse Engineer in San Antonio, Texas

Senior Reverse Engineer


San Antonio, TX

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Must have TS/SCI No Poly

Provides extremely high-level subject matter proficiency in Reverse Engineering of Malware. Provides advanced technical knowledge and analysis of highly specialized applications and operational environment, high-level functional systems analysis, design, integration, documentation, training, and implementation advice on complex problems that require advanced level knowledge of the subject matter for effective implementation.

Responsibilities: • Analyzing dynamic/static software and hardware systems; • Using disassembling toolkits; • Performing behavioral and code analysis; • Bypassing authentication mechanisms; • Examining protected or packaged executables; • Patching compiled executables; • Analyzing malware designed to use encryption, hashing, obfuscation, stealthy functionality, specific targeting and initiate time-triggered attacks. • Analyze, enhance, and demonstrate patches, countermeasures and defensive solutions for malicious logic, exploits and attack vectors as determined by government. • Track analysis of potential vulnerabilities and proofs-of-concept developed. • Familiar with vulnerability disclosure procedures and processes including proof of concept delivery with mitigating patch submissions. • Document and package these products (and associated components) in a form and format that shall facilitate its sharing and release to 3rd parties including, but not limited to, DoD components, government agencies and/or the general public when directed. • Perform threat analysis to determine the AF and DoD level of risk associated with malicious logic and/or vulnerabilities and recommended courses of action to counter and mitigate risk. • Disassemble, decompile, and/or otherwise investigate and analyze suspected or known malicious objects. Enhance methods to circumvent, defeat, or exploit the original designed purpose. • Develop custom software which create effects based on government/stakeholder requirements • Provide developed capability demonstrations

Qualifications: • 8 years of demonstrated malware reverse engineering. Senior RE expert and lead a single development team on technical development tasks.

Experience implementing forensic analysis best practices and reporting. Skills and demonstrated experience using: • Coding languages (C, C++, Java, C#) • Scripting languages (Python, PowerShell, etc.) • Assembly (x86, x86_64, ARM) • Memory forensics (Volatility Framework, etc.) • Sandbox / Virtualized environment instrumentation (Cuckoo, etc.) • Cyber threat intelligence experience • Signature development (YARA, BRO, SNORT, etc.) • Experience with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware • Static analysis using IDApro (Must specify alternatives) • Dynamic analysis (WinDBG, GDB, etc.) - Network analysis (Wireshark, etc.)

TS/SCI No Poly

Excellent Benefits

Equal Opportunity Employer