Edgewood Estates Dietary Aide in Frenchburg, Kentucky

Job Summary

The Dietary Aide is responsible for providing assistance to the Dietary Cook in preparation of all meals. To keep dishes clean and ready for use.


The Dietary Aide must have the ability to follow oral and written instructions. Willingness to take responsibilities. Duties and Responsibilities

Pouring and covering beverages. Setting up trays. Cleaning up work area. Willingness to work for the best interest of the facility. Ability to work cooperatively with others. Ability to move from one assignment to another and do all of them quickly and well. Set up tray in manner the Director of Dietary has established, such as putting bread, chips, or crackers on trays. Time allowed for each of several jobs. Emptying food carts, scraping and racking soiled dishes. Sending dishes through dish machine. Sorting and stacking of clean dishes. Maintenance of dish machine room or area. Ability to work dish area individually and keep system moving.