JPMorgan Chase Data Analytics Intern - Consumer Bank Marketing in Columbus, Ohio

Big Data. Predictive Analytics. Test and Learn.

Fact-based Decision Making. Customer Intelligence.

To us, these are more than just the hottest trends shaping business strategy and operations today. They are what we do, day in and day out, and have been doing for more than a decade. If you are looking to begin or accelerate your career in the dynamic field of quantitative data analytics, and if you believe you have the potential to be among the leading practitioners and thinkers in the field, read on to see how an internship at Chase might be the perfect fit for you.

Who We Are

We are Chase’s Retail Marketing Analytics Center of Excellence, a 90-person team of talented and high-achieving analytics professionals. While we come from a variety of personal, academic, and professional backgrounds, we are united by our passion for using quantitative data analytics and decision sciences to help make Chase the leading provider of retail banking services in the nation.

(Chase, the retail banking arm of JP Morgan Chase Bank, is a prominent leader in the financial services industry, providing deposit, investment, payment, and lending services to over 50 million residential and small business households. Chase operates an expansive and growing distribution network of over 5500 branches and 18,000 ATMs throughout the United States.)

What We Do

We solve complex business problems, both structured and unstructured, using advanced analytical methods and leveraging one of the world’s largest data warehouse implementations. We do this in close tandem with our marketing, strategy, and operations business partners, to help them make, execute, and assess critical business decisions.

Our team comprises a number of highly collaborative sub-functions. They are:

· Marketing Campaign Lifecycle

Chase is an industry leader in direct marketing for the purposes of customer acquisition, cross-sell, and retention. Our team is involved in all stages of campaign ideation, design, execution, and analysis, employing best practices in the areas of customer propensity modeling, experimental design, customer lifecycle value determination, and marketing execution.

· Media Analytics

Chase actively engages in advertising and other promotional activity across a number of media channels, including TV, radio, print, and the internet. Our media analytics team uses sophisticated modeling and test design to determine the impact of these engagement activities and to help optimize marketing spend.

· Site Analytics

Chase has one of the nation’s most extensive and fastest-growing financial service distribution networks. Our site analytics team uses sophisticated GIS tools and spatial modeling capabilities to optimize expansion, contraction, and redistribution decisions.

· Data Mining

Embedded in our vast quantity of data are numerous insights reflecting our business operations, our products, and the behavior of our customers. Our data mining teams use a variety of data exploration, visualization, and modeling tools and methods to uncover these insights and present them to our business partners to make timely, fact-based decisions.

· Data Management

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and Chase captures an extraordinary amount of it. Our team of data experts transforms much of the enterprise’s customer & prospect data into a form readily consumable for rapid modeling and analysis.

· Metrics and Reporting

A business that is not adequately measured and monitored cannot be constructively managed. Our metrics and reporting team defines key business metrics, and manages a suite of reports that contextualize these metrics and highlight important trends and exploitable insights.

· Marketing Research:

While we can learn a lot from studying our data, we often need to engage our customers, prospects, and employees directly to gain insight into their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Our marketing research team gathers this information through primary and secondary methods, including focus groups, surveys, conjoint studies, and one-on-one interviews.

Where We Are

We are based in Columbus, OH, a strategic location for JPMC’s corporate growth strategy. Capital of Ohio and home to The Ohio State University (currently the largest research university in North America), Columbus is known for its economic diversity and stability, highly educated population, and low cost of living. Columbus is centrally located, within a three-hour drive from five major metropolitan areas and a one-hour flight from many others, including New York, Washington, and Chicago.

Why You Should Join Us

We provide an opportunity to be exposed to advanced analytics in a fast-paced, creative, and collegial environment, working with a cadre of talented and dynamic professionals, and supporting a highly engaged and analytically sophisticated audience of business partners. Some additional drivers of career satisfaction often cited by our team members include:

· Being a part of a fact-based decision-making culture, in which the contributions of the team are actively sought in day-to-day business operations as well as in long-term strategic planning

· Access to industry-leading data management, visualization, and analysis tools, including SAS, Enterprise Miner, ArcGIS, Teradata, Tableau, and Cognos

· Substantial opportunity for career growth and mobility, both within the team and within the larger JPMC organization

· An entrepreneurial, innovation-centered culture in which everyone is given the opportunity and encouragement to propose, develop, and/or implement analytical methodologies .

Finally, our highly competitive compensation policy is aligned with our desire to attract the brightest, most ambitious, and most well-rounded individuals.

We are looking for that rare breed of analyst who possesses:

· Exceptional unstructured problem solving skills

· Outstanding communications skills

· Professional maturity and demonstrated leadership ability

· An outgoing, dynamic personality

· Technical proficiency

You should be very comfortable handling highly unstructured business problems and engaging in all phases of analytical engagement, from clarifying the problem, to helping conduct the analysis, to presenting findings and recommendations to management.

In terms of specific background, you should be in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in a quantitative field of study, with a foundation in one or more of the following analytical disciplines:

· Data manipulation and management

· Data visualization

· Linear and non-linear statistical modeling

· Time series and forecasting

· Optimization

· Experimental design

· Campaign analysis

· Marketing research

· Geographic information systems

We are interested in both candidates with professional experience and those coming from top-flight academic programs seeking their first career opportunity.

JPMorgan Chase is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer Disability/Veteran.