Daniel J. Edelman Holdings Senior Manager, Digital Analytics in Chicago, Illinois

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Marketing SciencenLead (Chicago)

Edelman Digital is the digital advisory andnintegrated marketing arm of the world?s largest communications marketing firm.nOur global staff, in over 65 offices worldwide, is built to manage thencomplexity of modern marketing and online reputation, using a data-drivennsocial-first storytelling approach designed to deliver real-time businessnresults. We believe in exploring future-forward technology to advance thenstories we tell. The output of our work delivers experiences that transformnculture, reputation and relationships to inspire real-world action betweennbrands and consumers.

The Marketing Science Lead will implementnholistic measurement approaches and leverage standard marketing technologies toncapture the ROI of various marketing tactics. He/She will serve as thentechnical authority and implementation expert on client engagements, providentechnical input on measurement frameworks and analytical approaches, andnpartner with analytic team members to capture actionable insights, scalenreporting needs and enable best in class technology solutions. The role?snprimary focus is implement marketing solutions and technical deployments tonensure continuous campaign optimizations and drive data-driven decision making.nHe/She will partner with the analytics and technology teams to setup analyticninfrastructures, dynamic functionalities, and other platform specific tasks toninform campaign effectiveness. The Marketing Science Lead will understand bestnpractice marketing processes and align technology solutions to optimize thosenprocesses across businesses. And he/she will also regularly perform assessments, developnstrategies, and deliver roadmaps to enhance client platforms and digitalnecosystems within the Edelman network.

Core Responsibilities:

nDevelop analytic infrastructures and technicalnsolutions that deliver on client business requirements, develop detailednproject plans, and ensure that quality assurance standards are managednthroughout the project lifecycle

nLead full implementation andnconfiguration of comprehensive analytic solutions, most commonly with Googlenand Adobe platforms and the tag management systems therein

nIntegrate the latest technologies adnserving systems, data management platforms, and programmatic trade desk andnthird -party tracking approaches to deliver on client business objectives

nManagenclient marketing technology efforts, guiding the selection of the right toolsnand software to satisfy business objectives, drive conversion actions and consumernretention

Build configure andnsupport system integrations to drive meaningful customer journeys and customerncentric thinking by collaborating with cross-functional teams